Tuesday, February 13, 2018

You got Jokes huh?

Dude why are you acting so bipolar?
I feel like I’m acting borderline
This weather is bipolar.

I love that people that say these things don’t even understand what they mean. I remember when I worked someone where one the Transportation providers I used for Transportation started making comments about me being bipolar and thought I was difficult to work with. Little did they know I was battling mental health issues. Same with me. I was just very unhappy and angry most of the time.

I cant help I’m this way. I was diagnosed with bipolar in 2015 and borderline personality disorder in 2016. My symptoms fall more in line with the latter. I remember reading my psychiatric reports about the borderline and how I felt my life was over. I felt like it was the end for me. That I had to go on medication for the rest of my life and it will suck my will to live. To be creative.

It turned me into a monster. The amount of meds I took was off the chart and I didn’t know who I was half the time. When I got of meds my stability returned but many pieces of my life have needed to be put back together and slowly day by day I am a going through that process.

I don’t think both these mental illnesses are something to joke about. They are serious mental conditions that lead to self harm and suicide. Does that sound funny? I just posted a stats article about bipolar. Here’s something chilling:

“30% of individuals with bipolar disorder will attempt suicide during their lives, and 20% will succeed … . Suicide is more common in bipolar depression than in unipolar major depression, panic disorder, or even schizophrenia.

So next time you make a joke about being bipolar think about the serious battle just to wake up in the morning someone inflicted goes through. Just to go to work to drive a car to eat a meal. These things can ordinary to some but many of us with MI struggle.
Thanks for reading. Stick with the process

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