Friday, February 23, 2018


There’s a show on HBO that I just completely fell in love with. It’s called Westworld. The premise of the show is very rich people can go to an amusement park called Westworld where they can dress up like cowboys ad they can do whatever they want. Inhabiting the park are hosts. They are Androids that run on what is called a loop. It’s kind of like a routine.

The hosts Eventually start to develop emotions and recall lot of their pain and trauma because as I said earlier the guests can do whatever they want in the park. And I mean anything. This automatically made me think about mental health and questioning my reality.

You see many of us are just trying to live our life. We are running through our loop. And unfortunately trauma that we endured has caused us to inflict pain on people because we felt unapreciated sensitive and unloved. We grew up feeling worthless because of whether we were psychologically abuse physically assaulted or many other horrible things.

Learning DBT the thing that is been the most important to me is learning how to live in the now. Not right now in the present day but actually living right now. Trying to stay with grounding techniques positive self talk and really empathizing with others feelings. Being in a routine is the best but it’s not always practical. Understanding how to navigate when knocked off our loop is key to survival.

Funny how tv makes you think critically sometimes.


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