Thursday, September 24, 2020


 We now have a way for you to view past videos on twitter.  All you have to do is follow or click on this link here and we have them all in order for you there.  So if you see one you like you can still RT or whatever.  They are organized by date.

Videos are recording Monday through Friday.  We are going to work on the same time everyday this week, so we can announce a time where you can expect a live video from Michael

Thank you for your support

Saturday, September 5, 2020


 I know. You’re hurting. 

The pressure of life is getting to you. 

The easiest way to go is leave. Say goodbye to family friends and take a plunge into the afterlife. Well I’m here to say to you there is an alternative. 

First of all your pain is completely real. Many of us have days like this when we want to end it. The pain is too great. Not sure if there’s an end in sight. When does the rainbow come?

It does. It comes and it goes. Because nothing in life is permanent. 

My yoga teacher taught me this simple preference one saying during practice. I was in frog pose and it HURT LIKE HELL. she wanted us to hold it for a minute or so because she’s funny like that. But what she is teaching is not just for yoga itself. It’s for fitness it’s for building muscle but most of all...

It’s for life. 

We find ourselves in uncomfortable positions in life. So many times more than we would like. Especially being someone who is borderline. Like when someone doesn’t answer a text right away. Someone doesn’t return our call the same day. It triggers us into panic mode.  Because you have the belief that they are never coming back. And then you start to question yourself and shame. And all those icky feelings come to play. 

But it’s not permanent. It will go away. You have to learn how to sit with it. Like the frog pose it’s not going to last forever and even though you are uncomfortable as fuck you can get comfortable in just a moment. 

And once you sit with it and get past it there is a feeling in the air. It’s call pride. It’s called toughness. It’s called resilience. And it’s a notch on your belt. 

It’s one more reason why you don’t punch out on life’s clock yet. It’s one more reason why you continue to breathe. You focus on that. Focus on that breath. That breath is your friend. It’s reminds you you’re here and alive. It reminds you that your spirit is here. 

Notice I didn’t bring up family and friends. Because sometimes family and friends aren’t enough because the person you spend the most time in life with is you. Your brain is with you 24/7. And a way must be found to love yourself so you don’t ever want to hurt yourself. And it’s a challenge. A challenge I am still trying to master but the wonderful thing about life is you have many chances. 

Remember what I say waking up in the morning is victory. Celebrate victory learn from defeat and breathe on. Because nothing is permanent. Especially life itself. Don’t waste it. Take the moments that make you smile and hold them dear. 

I’ll be rooting for you always. Trust the process 

Love Michael 

Saturday, August 22, 2020


 Polar lines has returned it to a Instagram you can get daily inspirational messages and things you can use to help make your life a little bit easier. Follow us today

Thursday, August 20, 2020


 I have not done anything with powerlines in the last two years except for just sharing some information on Facebook but I have not updated this website I have not put anything together and Twitter I am basically done zero. 

Truth be told life was getting much harder for me and things are not going well I was becoming more and more symptomatic and really had a hard time dealing with my borderline. 

Today it’s better but it’s worse. It’s worse because of Covid and the fact that businesses have been shut down of mine because of the services I provide cannot be distributed at this time  But the good is I’ve learned a lot of useful tools when it comes to mindfulness and distress tolerance. Of course I still have my bad days from time to time but I’ve decided that I am going to be more interactive with the powerlines platform to help and inspire as many people as I can

See the truth is we are in a fight a war with an invisible enemy that resides in our brain. We can’t say that the illness will disappear or go away but we must except the issues we have and be prepared to live with them and to function with them. My biggest mistake was thinking that I could beat it but it is a part of me it has been a part of me for quite a while and you really can’t beat yourself up because it could prove to be costly. So now I’m learning to live with my illness not use it As a crutch or an excuse in my life and taking back the power of doing what I need to do. 

So here’s what you can expect from polarlines moving forward. 

One follow me on Twitter @polarlinesUSA And you will get a live video for me every day giving you an update a positive message or something that you can take with you for the day. If you can get on the Facebook page there will always be resources for you to read up on when it comes to bipolar borderline anxiety and depression and anything else you can shake a stick at. 

We are going to start working on zoom meetings and other ways to interact. We will all share experiences and people can be anonymous and privacy will be respected. 

Mental health is so important and it’s all about having the right kind of support. Many people do not have support that are sick sometimes friends and family have given up on them sometimes they develop symptoms when the rest of their family has died there’s always a situation and everybody needs a helping hand. I want to do whatever I can to be that help in hand as I need support to I need support from you reading this. 

I want to build this up to be a mental health revolution with stigma dies and Hope lives. We all have the power to do great things it’s there within our heart with our mind and within our soul and I’m hoping that I can use this to not only bring out the best of myself but help you find the best of you. 

I’ll be working on getting gas for a radio show and for special chats and things of that nature anything that can provide it’s south beneficial to people that are having anxiety disorder anything else that could be a problem. 

In the meantime follow all the socials stay here to get news and information and I hope you all have a greatN day because we have to take things one day at a time to make things easier. 

Thank you for reading this and thank you for your support and I hope to see you soon take care and trust the process