Saturday, September 5, 2020


 I know. You’re hurting. 

The pressure of life is getting to you. 

The easiest way to go is leave. Say goodbye to family friends and take a plunge into the afterlife. Well I’m here to say to you there is an alternative. 

First of all your pain is completely real. Many of us have days like this when we want to end it. The pain is too great. Not sure if there’s an end in sight. When does the rainbow come?

It does. It comes and it goes. Because nothing in life is permanent. 

My yoga teacher taught me this simple preference one saying during practice. I was in frog pose and it HURT LIKE HELL. she wanted us to hold it for a minute or so because she’s funny like that. But what she is teaching is not just for yoga itself. It’s for fitness it’s for building muscle but most of all...

It’s for life. 

We find ourselves in uncomfortable positions in life. So many times more than we would like. Especially being someone who is borderline. Like when someone doesn’t answer a text right away. Someone doesn’t return our call the same day. It triggers us into panic mode.  Because you have the belief that they are never coming back. And then you start to question yourself and shame. And all those icky feelings come to play. 

But it’s not permanent. It will go away. You have to learn how to sit with it. Like the frog pose it’s not going to last forever and even though you are uncomfortable as fuck you can get comfortable in just a moment. 

And once you sit with it and get past it there is a feeling in the air. It’s call pride. It’s called toughness. It’s called resilience. And it’s a notch on your belt. 

It’s one more reason why you don’t punch out on life’s clock yet. It’s one more reason why you continue to breathe. You focus on that. Focus on that breath. That breath is your friend. It’s reminds you you’re here and alive. It reminds you that your spirit is here. 

Notice I didn’t bring up family and friends. Because sometimes family and friends aren’t enough because the person you spend the most time in life with is you. Your brain is with you 24/7. And a way must be found to love yourself so you don’t ever want to hurt yourself. And it’s a challenge. A challenge I am still trying to master but the wonderful thing about life is you have many chances. 

Remember what I say waking up in the morning is victory. Celebrate victory learn from defeat and breathe on. Because nothing is permanent. Especially life itself. Don’t waste it. Take the moments that make you smile and hold them dear. 

I’ll be rooting for you always. Trust the process 

Love Michael 

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